Basic Equine Photography Tips

Here are some basic tips for shooting great photos of your horse.

Start with a clean horse by having a good grooming session before a photo shoot. Be sure to clean around the eyes. You can also apply hoof oil if you want.

Use a neutral color tack rather than a brightly colored halter. This will prevent the viewer from becoming distracted and tkeep the focus on your horse.

Use what you have. You don’t need an expensive camera, editing software or lighting equipment. You can learn the basics of shooting great photographs with almost any smart phone. As you shoot more photos, you’ll become more discriminating about photo quality . That’s when you can start considering investing in more expensive equipment. But for now, it’s more important to shoot lots of photos and stick to what you already have.

Taking great photos is all about shooting LOTS of photos and editing the best ones. Almost all smart phones have photo editing software that can handle practically everything you need to make your photos outstanding. If you’d rather do your editing on a computer, you can download a number of free photo editing software to find out which one works best for you.

When you shoot your photo, you want your horse’s ears pointing forward. Watch the video to find out two great tips on how you can get your horse to point his ears on cue. You’ll also discover how to pick the perfect background for your shot, camera angles that will show your horse at his best and how to use lighting to create special effects.